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Eight Bells Winery

6213-B Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Mailing Address: 2341 N. 63rd St., Seattle, WA 98103

Tel: 206-294-4131

Media Contact: Tim Bates
206-909-6812 tim@8bellswinery.com

Trade Contact: Frank Michiels
206-321-5120 frank@8bellswinery.com

Donation Policy
We receive several requests each day for donations to a cause.  We agree that all of these requests are worthwhile.  However, we are a small winery and can only donate so much.  Our policy is to try to support the organizations that our club members bring to us.  Our usual donation is not a case or cases of wine but an empty magnum (1.5 L) with your event on the label.  We offer a private tour and tasting for 8.  At the conclusion of the tasting we will fill the magnum with a currently available Eight Bells wine of the high bidders choice.  We place a value on this donation at $300. We welcome you to come visit our winery and join one of our clubs (www.8bellswinery.com).


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